Behavioral Health

Integrating behavioral and physical health

Behavioral Health Provider Toolkit (PDF)
Education and support for our network providers.

Integrated physical and behavioral health is essential to providing the highest level of care for individuals with chronic, comorbid, and co-occurring conditions. It promotes whole-person care, where an individual’s needs are addressed comprehensively, leading to:

  • Early detection and intervention
  • Reduced stigma associated with seeking behavioral health support
  • Enhanced patient engagement and satisfaction
  • Improved quality of care and patient outcomes

Throughout our family of companies, AmeriHealth Caritas Next can leverage specialized expertise covering the entire spectrum of health services, including:

  • Behavioral and physical health services
  • Programs to address social determinants of health
  • Innovative solutions that reflect our integrated care model

Population health model

The AmeriHealth Caritas population health model connects care and population health management in a holistic approach that addresses a member’s specific needs in one individualized person-centered care plan to support body and mind.

Our population health care approach offers providers customized, member-oriented assistance to improve outcomes and to support members and families by coordinating all aspects of care.

Provider resources

As a first point of contact for individuals with emerging health care concerns, primary care providers are crucial in recognizing needs, initiating intervention, and facilitating coordinated care with behavioral health specialists.

This Behavioral Health Provider Toolkit (PDF) can help equip providers with information about common behavioral health conditions, evidence-based practices, and resources to integrate behavioral health care into diverse settings. It covers several topics such as:

  • Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder
  • Anxiety disorders,
  • Substance use disorders,
  • Suicide prevention practices,
  • and more.

For care coordination assistance, behavioral health providers may contact the AmeriHealth Caritas Next Rapid Response and Outreach team at 1-866-577-0833 or complete our Let Us Know Member Intervention Request Form (PDF) and fax it to 1-833-329-7708.

If you would like additional information about integrated care and any local available trainings, please contact your Provider Network Account Executive, who can direct you to local available resources in your community.